Love Life

Need some love life or relationship advice? Or someone to listen to the everyday challenges you face in these areas?

I have been consulting, consoling, advising, and providing constructive criticism for years to my friends, family, clients, and even random people who have reached out to me through social media.

How It Started

I have heard it all through the years.   Being a hairstylist, women from all over the world have poured their hearts out to me on that chair, their problems, their success stories, their heartaches, and their love stories. Whether I wanted to hear it or not. 

So through the years I was giving my clients advice. Some worked and some didn’t. 

But in my 25 + years of listening to people’s problems and advising them, I was able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. And recently I was able to convert that knowledge and helped hundreds of people find comfort and happiness. 

Match Maker

 In my personal life have experienced being married, divorced, single, and dating and then finding true love. I truly know how hard it can be to find that perfect match.  But through my experiences and my vast database of followers, clients and friends I have been able to successfully match couples up.

I was a matchmaker for several couples who have continued to enjoy a successful marriage to the present day and I have helped several people get out of toxic relationships

Relationship Advice

Are you single and exhausted from dating?

Are you having difficulties finding your soul mate? 

Are you tired of the games people play? 

Do you want to add some spice to your relationship? 

Did you break up with someone and want them back but they have moved on?

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Whether you want to lose some weight and feel the best you ever felt or just need some relationship advice